Topics and Programs


*Role of raw materials in the quality of final product

*Technical specifications of conveyor belt, including: Dimension, erosion and adherence, strength, etc.

*current international standards and development of Iranian standards in conveyor belt systems

*Data sheet in conveyor belt systems

*Calculations, Design, Installation and Operation of conveyor belt systems

*Introducing new technologies:

  • Pipe-shaped conveyor belts
  • Inclined conveyor belts
  • Belt bucket elevators
  • Lightweight conveyor belts
  • Air-lifting systems in conveyors

*Technical inspection in conveyor belts

*Fixed and mobile conveyor belts

*Belt scales and belt-weighing sensor systems

*Tracking and tensioning in conveyor belts

*Conveyor belt accessories, tools and equipment

*Conveyor belt safety devices and parameters

*Hygienic design of belts and cleaning solutions

Conference Programs:

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  • Conveyor belt testing
  • Conveyor belt design
  • Conveyor maintenance and belt repair
  • Intelligent conveyor systems

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